Iago Negueruela, the Balearics tourism minister. | Efe

Balearics tourism minister Iago Negueruela told parliament on Tuesday that there is to be wide reform of the existing tourism law in order to "update and modernise" the Balearics tourism industry.

Responding to questions from the Partido Popular's Salomé Cabrera, Negueruela promised that there would be dialogue in order to establish criteria that need to be adopted and to identify what should be subject to reform, including sanctions.

Cabrera wanted to know if he intends to maintain proposals of his predecessor, Bel Busquets, and asked him "not to take interventionist measures". Negueurela took aim at the PP in saying that the opposition had forecast that tourism policy of the left-wing pact government would produce "all the archangels of the Apocalypse" and yet 2019 was the best year for tourism profitability.

* There have been two general tourism laws in the Balearics, both introduced by the PP - one in 1999, the other in 2012.