Preventive information about coronavirus at Son Sant Joan airport. | M. À. Cañellas


Hotel bookings for Easter in Majorca have been paralysed by the spread of coronavirus in Europe.

The Executive Vice President of FEHM, María José Aguiló, says small medium and large hotel chains on the island are reporting a continuous trickle of cancellations and warned that it will likely affect service trade jobs.

“Sales are slowing down globally and the causes are very varied. We are a sanitary safe destination, but we are being harmed by an accumulation of circumstances and there have also been cancellations for the summer season, so the situation is very complicated at the moment and has a direct impact on the hiring of workers and in the opening of establishments,” he said.

Some hotels have already said they’re considering delaying opening later if bookings don’t increase.

“If the current situation continues and sales are not reactivated, it is clear that with 30% occupancy we will not open the establishments during Holy Week, so there will be a regrouping of customers and the hiring of casual staff in the affected hotels will be delayed this year,” they said.

Spanish and foreign airlines say customers are also cancelling flights at Easter because of the spread of coronavirus.

“During the next two months we will have to reschedule flights between Majorca and all European destinations. This crisis has really affected our sales for the Easter campaign, it’s a complicated situation,” said airline representatives.

The Globalia and Barceló groups, which have tour operators and agencies, say they're also feeling the effects of the health crisis.

"There is no movement and this affects the entire tourism chain," said representatives in Majorca.

The President of the Association of Travel Agencies of the Balearic Islands, or Aviba, Francesc Mulet, says different study trip destinations are being offered to students whose trips to northern Italy were cancelled.

“The options are varied and the objective is to offer the maximum of alternatives so that they can carry out their trips, but despite that, parents are still cancelling the trips because they do not want to take any risks with their children,” she said.