More evidence being produced to oppose plans for the airport. | Twitter


According to environmentalists Terraferida, plans for Son Sant Joan Airport will mean an 18% increase in the consumption of water. The 2018 figure for this was 484,000 cubic metres. Terraferida calculate that it will rise to 572,000 cubic metres, observing that consumption is already greater than 33 of Majorca's 53 municipalities.

The environmental impact assessment report for the airport's project envisages annual growth in passenger numbers of 2.63% up to 2025. If this growth were to continue beyond 2025, the airport would be handling 36 million passengers by 2030.

Terraferida dispute a claim that there will be lower water consumption per passenger between 2025 and 2030. The figure of 572,000 cubic metres for 2030, they say, will be three times more the annual consumption of municipalities such as Algaida and Porreres. The daily consumption will go up, as the airports authority Aena has noted, from 1,325 cubic metres to 1,569.

Terraferida are backing Sunday's protest against plans for the airport that will be staged outside the national government delegation's headquarters in Palma.