Moroccan deported for violent robbery in Palma. | Ultima Hora

A Moroccan man has been chucked out of Spain and banned from returning for 10 years for committing a violent robbery in Palma in 2019.

The court heard that the defendant approached the victim from behind in Carrer de Sant Josep de Muntanya in Palma on September 1, grabbed the man by the neck and punched him several times in the face until he fell on the ground, then hit him and dragged him along the street before snatching the his wallet.

The suspect made a run for it when several passersby saw what he was doing but National Police Officers managed to catch him.

He was given three years in prison for a crime of robbery with violence but the judge substituted the sentence with temporary expulsion from Spain.

"You are expelled from Spain, you can go wherever you want," the magistrate said when the defendant asked if he had to go back to Morocco.

The victim suffered several injuries to his face and neck and his elbows and knees were badly grazed during the attack.