Residents have been complaining bitterly about the abandonment of the urban forest. | Jaume Morey


Palma residents who live near the future urban forest based around the old dog track and velodrome are fed up with the general degradation. They say that there has been no activity "for months".

The town hall has not responded to questions as to when the forest is supposed to open or why no work is being carried out. Weeds have grown to heights of more than a metre. There is graffiti. Some trees have fallen down, and there are damaged lights. Miquel Rosselló, president of the Calle Jesús residents association, says that the town hall hasn't given them any explanations and that they are "sick to death" with the state of abandonment and neglect. The residents suspect that the town hall's "laziness and bad management" will end up costing more public money than the project should do.

Residents from Calle Jesús and Es Forti are able to enter the future urban forest without any problem, and they say that the fact that it isn't closed off has meant that it has become a place for nighttime drinking and drug-taking. They add that the plans for the forest, if and when it is finished, don't envisage it being closed at night.