Vicenç Thomàs speaking on Sunday. | Pere Bota


Balearics Day is a celebration of the official granting of the Balearics statutes of autonomy in 1983. It is therefore a political celebration, and this demands political statements.

On Sunday, the president (speaker) of parliament, Vicenç Thomàs, called for unity between all political parties so that the "voice of the Balearic Islands is strong enough to be heard". "We must not forget that policy makers and political representatives are here to provide solutions, not to create problems. In the case of parliament, we must be the engine for transformation and for the improvement of quality of life that society demands."

Thomàs noted that there are now eight parliamentary groups, more than at any time since 1983 and the first regional election. He observed that "we have turned plurality into our way of doing things". An "obvious" example of this was the timely approval of the 2020 budget. While other regional parliaments have yet to begin the process, the parliament in the Balearics completed it before Christmas.

The event was marked, however, by an apparent lack of unity. No one from Vox attended.

Away from the politics, the fine, spring-like weather brought out the crowds in Palma, where there was a choice of attractions, such as the two fairs - the Pa Amb Oli Fair in Sa Feixina Park and the Fira DO in Parc de la Mar.