A tourist takes a photograph of the storm damage in Cala Gat. | C.Viera


Residents of Cala Rajada and Cala Millor say they’re deeply concerned that the damage done by Storm Gloria will not be rectified before the start of the summer season.

Around 100 people gathered on the beach at Cala Millor on Sunday to highlight the devastation caused in their town.

Amateur fishermen, Antoni Mayol claim the storm has affected their catch.

“The number of fish has decreased greatly, probably because of the large amount of dirt in the water,” said Antoni Mayol, adding, “in s’Illot, seabed sand was used to replace what had been lost in the storm, but it produced a foul smell throughout the area.”

“It’s a disaster, there are very few tourists and they’re all complaining about the bad state of the beach because there is hardly any sand,” said Lucas Vargas.

A few kilometres away, in Cala Rajada, the neighbours are complaining about the state of the boardwalk that goes to Cala Gat.

"We are just one month away from the start of the season and between the Town Hall and Costas, the situation is a total disaster," said Manuel Filgueiras.

Locals are furious about the state of the beach at Cala Ratjada and claim nothing is being done to maintain it.

“We saw this coming from the previous storm, when we had to repair part of the harbour wall, but there is a total lack of maintenance and the deterioration will have a huge affect on tourism,” they said.