There was a big slump in foreign tourism in January.

02-03-2020Efe - Archive

Foreign tourism in Spain in January fell by 1.4% compared with January 2019. This was the second consecutive monthly fall, there having been a 0.9% decrease in December. There were 4.1 million tourists in January, of which 718,248 were from the UK. This was the highest number for a foreign tourism market (the UK always is) but was down eleven per cent. German tourism fell 4.6% to 493,711, while French tourism went up 7.7% to 480,364.

The Frontur survey shows that the Canaries led the way in terms of foreign tourist numbers - 1.1 million, a fall of five per cent - followed by Catalonia, where there was a 4.5% decrease to 869,168. There were increased tourist numbers in Andalusia, Madrid and Valencia, with rises of between 4.5% and 5.5%. But there was a significant drop in the Balearics - down 26.79% to 103,902.

Nationally, tourist spending was up by 2.1% to 4,779 million euros. Average spending per tourist rose 3.6% to 1,155 euros.


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BMC / Hace about 1 year

Thats a really good point that E Weldon has made in that you cannot rent an apartment in Winter even though the majority of hotels are closed. This process also harms the restaurants and bars that stay open as well. As this process rolls out all these things come to light. I rented out my apartment in Summer for 6/8 weeks only and I came for three months. Now I just come and its empty for those Summer months when I do not. This helped me pay my way and make improvements as well. The new rules resulted in that ending and I estimate the visitor who stayed at my place spent a lot of cash using local facilities. I know for a fact only one or two now come to the island due to the hotel prices and the tax. I worry that it will be hard to attract the numbers that Majorca wants to pay its way. Some difficult times ahead but at least the government get first call on the cash with the tourist tax being paid up front and less for the local shops.


Liz / Hace about 1 year

That will make the anti-tourist brigade happy !!


E Weldon / Hace about 1 year

Well it’s hard to get flights from Scotland in the winter months! NO Flights unless you want to travel over 20 hrs on two flights? Direct flights from Scotland and the U.K. in the winter plus hotels opened to cater for tourists since you can’t rent an apartment anymore!! I loved coming over to see the Palma Christmas lights