There was a big slump in foreign tourism in January. | Efe - Archive


Foreign tourism in Spain in January fell by 1.4% compared with January 2019. This was the second consecutive monthly fall, there having been a 0.9% decrease in December. There were 4.1 million tourists in January, of which 718,248 were from the UK. This was the highest number for a foreign tourism market (the UK always is) but was down eleven per cent. German tourism fell 4.6% to 493,711, while French tourism went up 7.7% to 480,364.

The Frontur survey shows that the Canaries led the way in terms of foreign tourist numbers - 1.1 million, a fall of five per cent - followed by Catalonia, where there was a 4.5% decrease to 869,168. There were increased tourist numbers in Andalusia, Madrid and Valencia, with rises of between 4.5% and 5.5%. But there was a significant drop in the Balearics - down 26.79% to 103,902.

Nationally, tourist spending was up by 2.1% to 4,779 million euros. Average spending per tourist rose 3.6% to 1,155 euros.