Hundreds protest against Palma Airport expansion plans. | Youtube: Ultima Hora

Hundreds of people joined a protest on Passeig des Born on Sunday to demonstrate against expansion plans for Palma Airport.

The atmosphere was relaxed, although organisers and Police disagree on how many actually took part in the protest; activists said there were 750 and the National Police claimed there were only 400 people shouting slogans and waving banners in central Palma.

Jaume Bonet acted as a master of ceremonies and read out the manifesto and Catalina Torres, spokesperson for the anti-enlargement Platform told demonstrators Son Sant Joan is big enough already.

"No airport project is needed to increase capacity because this will aggravate the environmental crisis and that cannot be allowed when a climate emergency has been declared by every Institution,” she said.

The protest was supported by a number of well-known faces, including, Nina Parró, Neus Truyol, Margalida Ramis, Juanjo Martínez Josep Palou and Joan Segura.

During the demonstration a group of protesters encouraged people to make paper planes and throw them bur one of them hit a woman in the eye. Luckily she wasn’t injured.