Motorbike in the Tramuntana. | Lluc Garcia


Guardia Civil Tráfico controls in the Tramuntana Mountains at the weekend led to thirty fines for speeding and five for excessive noise.

The controls were on the MA-10 in the area of the Mirador de Ses Barques. Eighty-six vehicles were subject to control, and 24 infractions related to the condition of these vehicles were registered.

The Council of Majorca's councillor for mobility, Ivan Sevillano, said on Monday that a commitment was made several months ago to improving safety on the MA-10 and to ensuring people's quality of life. The controls were directed in particular at powerful motorbikes.

A couple of weeks ago, the speed limit on the stretch of road in the area of the mirador was reduced from 70kph to 50kph, while overtaking was also prohibited. Sevillano added that these measures were in response to a long-standing demand by residents for there to be improvements to safety and and for dealing with the noise of bikes.