20,518 extra cars on Balearic roads in a year. | ALEJANDRO SEPULVEDA


There were more than a million vehicles on Balearic roads last year, for the third year in a row, which is a new record, according to the Institut Balear d’Estadística, or Ibestat.

The data shows that there were 1,050,996 vehicles in the Balearic Islands last year, that’s 1.99% more than 2018. It’s the smallest increase since 2015, but it’s still an extra 20,518 extra vehicles on the roads in just one year.

There are 733,457 passenger vehicles on Balearic roads, up 1.5% compared to 2018, although it has to be said, there was an increase in numbers of all types of registered vehicles between 2018 and 2019.

The majority of vehicles on the road are petrol and the number of diesel vehicles only increased by 310 units which is probably due to the change in regulations restricting diesel car sales in the near future.


The data published by the Ibestat highlights the increase in saturation on the roads since last year, specifically, along the section of road between Son Hugo pools and the Soller exit road where the number of vehicles has soared from 32,664 in 2013 to 189,775 last year.