Carlos García Roldán covers his face when arriving at court on Wednesday. | A. Sepúlveda


The alleged mastermind behind the biggest real estate scam in Majorca has refused to testify in court.

Carlos García Roldán, who’s also known as ‘Charly’ is accused of a raft of charges, including aggravated fraud, document forgery and money laundering.

His company allegedly ripped off hundreds of people by selling houses that didn’t exist, through his company, Luxury Casa, scamming buyers out of between 4 million and 7 million euros.

He fled to Colombia when complaints were filed in Majorca and despite changing his appearance, he was tracked down and arrested last year thanks to a joint operation between the Colombian Police and the Guardia Civil and extradited to Spain.

Roldán's company Accountant told the court on Tuesday that Carlos García Roldán handled all of the clients' money and that all orders were given by him.

Prosecutors are demanding that Roldán be refused bail and be jailed for 23 years.