International Women's Day programme was presented on Wednesday. | Miquel À. Cañellas


The regional government's programme for International Women's Day will feature music, theatre and cinema, and a theme will be "Prostitution, the darkness of human rights".

The twentieth anniversary of the Balearics Institute for Women will be celebrated with a concert at Palma's Conservatory on Saturday. Its title is "Celebrating feminism"; there is a similar event at Ibiza's Conservatory as well.

Conferences about prostitution will be on Monday and Tuesday at the CaixaForum in Palma. These have been organised in collaboration with Médicos del Mundo (Doctors of the World). An exhibition about domestic violence entitled "Emotions-reactions" will highlight the fact that Spain ranks number three for countries which are "consumers" of prostitution. The manager of Médicos del Mundo, Belén Matesanz, says that "this is something which violates human rights and is the subject that the conferences will deal with".

Other events include a documentary "Serás Hombre" (You will be man) at Sala Augusta on Wednesday. At the parliament building on the same day, there will be two conferences, one of them to do with child sexual exploitation.