Cala Gat storm damage. archive photo | Ultima Hora


The Mayor of Capdepera has declared war on Madrid because his Town Hall has been denied permission to rectify the damage caused by Storm Gloria.

“We will use the people's voice to make us heard in Madrid,” warned Mayor Rafel Fernández.

The Mayor says the repairs need on the seafront at Cala Gat and Cala Rajada are extremely urgent and has called on residents to join a rally on Saturday to make sure their voices are heard in Madrid.

On February 23 and 24, the City Council wrote to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge requesting permission to repair the damage caused to the beaches and promenades by Storm Gloria.

In reply the Costas stated, “the promenades are on maritime land and the work will only be carried out by the Ministry if the Consistory is willing to wait, otherwise you can request and administrative concession.”

“Our hands are tied, they won’t let the Town Hall fix the damage but they won’t do it either,” said Mayor Fernádez. “The setback solution is not viable and requesting an administrative concession involves submitting documentation, which means more time is wasted preparing papers, while the tourist season approaches and the damage still isn’t fixed. It is inadmissible in a clear emergency situation,” he said.


The Municipal Engineer compiled a report recommending fast action in Cala Gat and an investment of more than two million euros to repair the soil, water, sanitation and lighting services and reinforce retaining walls in the area.

The report states: "The stability of the part of the promenade that hasn’t been damaged cannot be assured, the current state of the promenade is an immense danger to both the stability of the structure and the surrounding walls whose foundation has been left in the open. The risk to the public is very high due to the inability to seal off the area."

The work required to fix the promenade in Cala Rajada will cost around 600,000 euros.

"We thought that with the Ministry under pressure, our requests would be well received, but now we have to choose between fright or death,” said the Mayor.

The City Council is calling on local residents to participate in a rally next to Norai bar at 1230 on Saturday.

”The need to make repairs is urgent and it is time to raise our voices so that we can be heard in Madrid,” said Mayor Rafel Fernández.