Cuber reservoir in the Tramuntana. | Jaume Morey Archive


Water reserves in the Balearics increased two per cent in February. Across the four islands they were at 70%, with reserves in Majorca at 71%.

All water demand units on the island are therefore currently defined as "normal". In other words, there are no declarations of pre-alert for drought. This "normality" has now prevailed for three months.

The good level of reserves is despite February having been an extremely dry month. The rainfall deficiency for Majorca on an inter-annual basis (comparing February with the same month of 2019) was 98%.

There was a lowering of reserves in the Tramuntana reservoirs, but the reason for total reserves having increased is that the aquifers are described as being in an "optimal situation". Very little water was drawn from the aquifers last month.