Rossy de Palma.

The newspaper ABC has carried out an analysis of references on Wikipedia in identifying the most relevant (and influential) women in Spain - past and present. This analysis has been broken down by region, with the most referenced woman born in the Balearics being the actress Rossy de Palma.

Born Rosa Elena García Echave in Palma in 1964, she was originally a singer and dancer with the pop group Peor Impossible. While working in a Madrid cafe in 1986, she was discovered by filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar and became known as the chica Almodóvar. She has also worked with directors such as Robert Altman (Prêt-à-Porter), Mike Figgis (The Loss of Sexual Innocence) and Terry Gilliam (The Man Who Killed Don Quixote). She has been a model for Jean-Paul Gaultier and appeared in the video for George Michael's Too Funky.

In history, ABC identifies Isabel II as being Spain's most relevant woman ahead of Isabel I, the Catholic monarch who reigned with Ferdinand II of Aragon from 1474 to 1504. Isabel II, born in 1830, was the daughter of Ferdinand VII. Her succession to the throne - she wasn't yet three years old when Ferdinand died - was the cause of the Carlist Wars; the Carlists refused to recognise female succession. She reigned until her deposition and exile at the time of the 1868 Glorious Revolution.

ABC has found that there are more than two thousand articles about her on the Spanish Wikipedia. Her reign was marked by conspiracies, regular changes of government, and the birth of nine children.