MSC Seaview in Palma. | Ultima Hora


The Balearic Ports Authority, or APB confirmed on Tuesday that it has started to change the berthing reserves of cruise ships, so that they won’t be automatically confirmed.

The APB issued its statement after the Platform Against Mega Cruisers accused the Balearic Ports Authority of ignoring the 2022 moratorium.

The Platform claimed the APB was hiding part of the Strategic Plan and the Ports Authority has responded by saying that it is "in full development" and will be integrated it into the planning system defined by the Institutional and Strategic Framework of the State Port system.”

The APB has stressed that its priority is "to provide the best service to the territory and its users, in line with the general strategy of the territory.”

The Ports Authority has also pointed out that the plan draws on five major axis: the role that infrastructure should have; where services are provided for maritime connections; the supply of the inhabitants of the islands and where important socio-economic and tourism activities are developed.

“The plan also defines the criteria of sustainability and integration with the tourist strategies to manage cruise ship traffic and meet the demands of climate change,” said the APB, stressing that it is "developing the guidelines set by the Board of Directors regarding cruise passenger traffic.”

"The Balearic Ports Authority is concerned with its infrastructure functions and it is up to the competent administration to mark the lines of a tourist product, such as cruise ships," the APB concluded.