Most infringements of noise regulations are in Magalluf. | Michel's


Calvia police are to be given powers by the town hall to act against nightlife establishments on the spot if these clubs and bars infringe the bylaw on noise contamination and vibrations.

The town hall is currently drafting an amendment to this ordinance that will increase police powers so that the police can act immediately, seal off sound equipment and stop music activity if there are "irregularities". Police will also be able to issue sanctions straightaway.

Establishments that manipulate sound limiters and those which don't have music licences will be the main targets of this revised bylaw. The new measures are expected to be in place by the start of the tourism season.

In 2019, there were 87 infractions of the noise bylaw that were because of music activity. Twenty-eight were for having manipulated limiters; 29 were for not having a licence; and 30 were for having doors open beyond the permitted hours. The town hall says that after inspections were carried out, there was increased compliance with the bylaw, while new technological applications have improved the control of limiters.

Over the period 2018 to 2019, there were 46 cases of musical activity being stopped; 32 of these were in Magalluf.