Son Espases Staff quarantined. | Ultima Hora


80 healthcare workers from Son Espases Hospital have been quarantined because of the coronavirus.

All of them had been in contact with the 59 year old woman who became the first person in Majorca to die from the Covid-19 virus.

She had been admitted to ICU at Son Espases Hospital for a chronic condition, and died of multiple organ failure on Wednesday. The coronavirus test was not performed until six days later and by that time her condition was already extremely serious.

Three relatives of the victim have also tested positive for coronavirus, an older man from Italy and two young people. They have not been named.

There are now 113 hospital staff under quarantine for the Covid-19 virus, 80 from today and 33 last week, who were colleagues of a doctor at the Mateu Orfila Hospital in Menorca.

Dr. Francesc Albertí, spokesman for the Coronavirus Alert Committee, has confirmed that one patient has died, one has been discharged, seven patients have been admitted to isolation wards and eight are receiving health care at home.

The Health Minister, Patricia Gómez has confirmed that 220 rapid tests have been performed in the Balearics to detect the virus and is adamant that there is absolutely no shortage of test equipment for the SARS-CoV-2 and that there’s plenty of protective equipment available for healthcare professionals.

She also revealed that the General Directorate of Public Health has received a very large number of requests for events catering for less than 1,000 people but was unable to say exactly how many.

All cultural, social and sports events with more than 1,000 people were banned in the Balearic Islands on Wednesday in an effort to contain the disease.

On February 9, in a British Expat became the first person in the Balearic Islands to test positive for the Covid-19 virus. He was infected during a holiday at a ski resort in France, was successfully treated at Son Espases Hospital and has now completely recovered from the disease.