Balearic nightclubs closed over coronavirus epidemic. Archive photo. | Digital Editorial


The Balearic Association of Nightlife and Entertainment, Abone, is planning to shut down nightclubs in the Balearic Islands to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

All events with a capacity for more than 1,000 people are already cancelled and Tito's nightclub has just announced that it’s temporarily suspending all activities.

The President of Abone, Jesús Sánchez, said the preventative measures being taken are in accordance with the requirements requested by the Ministry of Health.

"We must take into account that the situation is changing by the hour and consequently, so are the measures that are being taken. They will be respected, however controversial they may be, because we have a social responsibility in the face of this global problem."


To minimise any negative impact, Abone has recommended that all Associates reduce the capacity of establishments that hold less than 1,000 people by a third, if they do not wish to close in the short term.

Jesús Sánchez added that if companies have events already scheduled that do not meet the requirements "they must apply for the required authorisation, which will be granted or denied based on their criteria."

Abone pointed out that these measures are largely understood in the current context of containing the coronavirus, "which we fully support in the current circumstances.”

The Easter season in the Balearic Islands is already a complete washout "which will have a negative impact on the income statement of the companies, especially when everything indicates that the current situation is not going to change in the short term,” said Jesús Sánchez.