Archive image of a police control. | Vasil Vasilev


Four youths aged 18 and 19 were arrested by the National Police on Saturday morning in connection with assaulting two tourists.

At around half two in the morning, two women who witnessed the attack on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma called the emergency services. Palma and National Police went to the scene where they were told by the women that they had seen a black car pull up and that two of the four occupants had got out, had attacked the two tourists and had stolen their wallets.

The male tourists, one Dutch, the other German, were treated for injuries resulting from punches and kicks. One needed to be taken to Son Espases Hospital.

The youths and their car were subsequently located. All from Manacor, they appeared in court on Saturday afternoon. They maintained that they did not steal the wallets, that they had got out of the car in order to urinate and had then got into an argument with the two tourists. This had resulted in a fight.

The evidence given by the two women contradicted this version. The case is still open.