Some markets were open on Sunday morning.


A National Police patrol in Palma on Sunday morning dispersed a group of people in Plaça Espanya, a sign that the Spanish government's state of alert measures were being applied.

People in Majorca are having to adjust to this unprecedented situation. Walking the dog is allowed, but going out for a stroll along the beach or for a run would appear not to be. There is, it has to be said, some confusion.

Certain markets were open, albeit with fewer stalls and only those selling basic necessities - fruit and veg, for example. The markets in Inca and Pollensa attracted only small numbers of people. Customers were told not to handle any produce; stallholders were wearing gloves.

In Santa Maria, the market was called off, but the town hall says that it hopes that it will be open next Sunday, by when sufficient precautions will have been established to comply with government measures.