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we have become obsessed with data


The obsession with “the data”

How often have we heard politicians say that they will be guided by science, by scientists and by data?

Andrew Ede13/04/2021 09:42

People sitting outside on a terrace


Staying on Covid-19 alert - plus, let's keep it local!

This week our columnist Frank Leavers tells us what his thoughts are on Covid-19 and all its works.

Frank Leavers25/11/2020 17:15

Air travel during lockdown


IAG's Walsh says Britain is throttling a travel recovery

Airlines have been brought to their knees by the coronavirus pandemic and are making tens of thousands of job cuts to try to survive.

Reuters14/05/2020 14:52


The Blog

Different Rules For Different Villages?

It seems impossible to conceive of a situation whereby, for example, Deya (with zero infections) would have different rules to its neighbour Soller (with ten).

Andrew Ede24/04/2020 10:16


Boat show

“I do believe that the Palma Boat Show should go ahead...”

Jason Moore17/04/2020 18:21