King Felipe appeals for unity in defeating coronavirus. | Youtube: RTVE


In a broadcast message on Wednesday night, King Felipe stressed that coronavirus "is a crisis we are fighting and which we shall win and overcome". "This virus will not defeat us. It is a parenthesis in our lives. We will return to normality. Of this, there is no doubt."

The King appealed for unity and for the commitment of all citizens in defeating Covid-19. "The virus will not defeat us. On the contrary, it will make us stronger as a society; a society that is more committed, more caring, more united. A society that stands up to any adversity."

Now is the time, the King stated, when we must put aside our differences. "We must unite around the same objective: to overcome this serious situation. We must do this together."

"There are moments in history when reality is put to the test in difficult, painful and sometimes extreme ways." There are moments when "the values ​​of a society are tested, as is the very capacity of the state".

The citizens of Spain will "set an example, once again, of responsibility, of a sense of duty, of civility and humanity, of dedication and effort and, above all, of solidarity - especially with the most vulnerable - so that no one will feel alone or helpless".

The King, who had met Prime Minister Sánchez and the coronavirus technical committee prior to his message, started his message by expressing his "love and affection" for those who have lost relatives as well as his support for those suffering from coronavirus. He stressed his thanks to those in the public sector and especially in the health service.