A Huerzeler cycling centre in Playa de Muro.


The cycling tourism season should be peaking around now. Instead, in what is the epicentre for this type of tourism - the bay of Alcudia resorts - there are no cyclists, while any hotels which haven't yet closed are on the point of doing so.

Playa de Muro is where this cycling tourism is most evident. In recent years, shop units which had been closed for long periods have been revitalised and turned into centres for serving this tourism. Other centres have been built specifically. The great majority of the 34 hotels cater for cycling; some open in January.

Margalida Ramis, the CEO of Grupotel and vice-president of the Playa de Muro Hoteliers Federation, says that as soon as the state of emergency was declared, the cycling tourists looked to get flights back home, although there were still some "clueless" people going out cycling.

Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays, which typically rents out some 1,500 bikes a week in Playa de Muro and 5,500 across Majorca, has closed its three centres. For restaurants, some of which have close ties with cycling tour operators, the cycling season represents very good business. They have of course been closed since the state of emergency came into force.

In the bay of Alcudia resorts - Alcudia itself, Can Picafort and Playa de Muro - there are over 50,000 hotel beds. Not all of these were available for cycling tourists, as not all hotels were by any means open before the state of emergency. But a significant number were. In Playa de Muro, the RoadBike Festival was due to have been held over the Easter weekend, while the resort acts as the centre for the Mallorca 312 cycling trial. This had been scheduled for 25 April; it has been moved to 10 October.