The man was arrested by the National Police. | Alejandro Sepulveda


On Saturday afternoon around half one, there were several calls to the National Police 091 number, saying that there was a fight in an apartment in El Terreno (Palma) and that a knife was being brandished.

When officers arrived, they found that the owner was visibly shaken. There had been a heated argument with a man to whom a room had been rented. The relationship had not been good for some time, and the owner had once more told him that he would have to leave.

At this point the man, a 47-year-old from Ecuador, began to threaten the owner. He grabbed a kitchen knife and during the struggle the owner suffered a cut to one hand.

The lodger had left the building, but police located him soon afterwards and arrested him. In front of the officers, he reiterated his threats to the owner.