The National Police family and women's unit is in charge of the investigation. | Alejandro Sepulveda

The National Police are investigating an apparent prostitution ring in Palma, whose victims were underage girls. This follows a report given by a 17-year-old girl at the police headquarters. She informed police that a group had forced her into prostitution. This group included her former boyfriend.

The girl explained that this all started in September 2017 at a squat in Arenal. Four people, among whom were a girl and two males who had been at the Es Pinaret centre for minors, forced her and three other girls into prostituting themselves. They were drugged in order to make them feel relaxed; the clients were Spaniards, Moroccans and European tourists. They were threatened with reprisals if they didn't obey. One of the girls was beaten up on one occasion. The squat ceased to be used not long afterwards, as the property was sold.

The head of this gang is said to be a 30-year-old Moroccan, who continued to force the girl to engage in prostitution at hotels and at another property in Arenal. When she went to hotels, she never checked in. This was done by the client, and she would only be there for thirty minutes or an hour. She calculates that from 2017 she prostituted herself on some 200 occasions.

Her ex-boyfriend, aged 20, made her prostitute herself during the final three months of their relationship. He acted in collusion with the pimp. The girl further alleges that towards the end of last year her mother asked her to stay with this former boyfriend, as he "had something to give her". She agreed and says that he tied her hands with rope and raped her. He gave her 100 euros that she was to give to her mother. The girl believes that her mother knew what was going to happen and that the pimp had paid her mother so that the girl would prostitute herself.

A Palma court issued a protection order on Wednesday. Her former boyfriend, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, will not be allowed to communicate with her or go within 200 metres of her.