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The coronavirus lockdown has been in place for almost two weeks now, forcing families with children, adolescents, pets and singles to get creative to alleviate the boredom.

A few days ago the Edeen Nature Centre and Garden Centre got together and came up with a novel way to make being stuck in the house a little bit more bearable and a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

They've set a 14 day challenge for people to create an urban garden with what they have lying around at home.

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Durante estos días en casa es importante buscar actividades entretenidas para hacer en familia. En Edeen os queremos acompañar, por lo que os proponemos 14 ideas para amenizar estos días en casa. A partir de mañana, y durante 14 días, os propondremos ideas para empezar a cultivar vuestro pequeño huerto con cosas que podréis encontrar en casa. ¡Veréis que divertido y entretenido! Compartid con nosotros vuestros vídeos cultivando vuestro pequeño huerto y los compartiremos en nuestra cuenta de Instagram. ¡Nos vemos mañana! . . #EDEEN #EDEENGarden #JardinEDEEN #EDEENPalma #terraza #terrazas #terraceo #jardin #jardines #jardineria #diseñodejardines #terrazasconencanto #autumm #otoño #boda #enero #frutales #consejosjardineria #consejosjardín #tipsgardening #plantandomihuertourbanoconedeen #MeQuedoEnCasa #huertoencasa #huertourbano

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“We created an Instagram campaign to launch a new idea every day, but because there are people who don’t have Instagram we also created an event on Facebook to reach more people and anyone can join the event, said Sandra Christiansen, from Edeen.

Soffi, Urban Gardener


The response was immediate and Edeen's fun initiative went viral on social networks.

“A lot of Mums have been thanking us because this experience is helping them to spend quality time with their children, creating nature and teaching them how to plant things," explains Sandra. “It fills them with enthusiasm because every day they water their small plantations and take care of them and then they see sprouts growing little by little.”

Some children have already experimented with planting stuff at school, but now that they are stuck between four walls with a lot more time on their hands, they are enjoying it so much more, because it connects them to the natural world and entertains them at the same time.

"Right now we are just at the beginning of the project, but in two weeks, when we are all still locked up at home, there will be new life breaking through in our urban gardens," claims Sandra.

Nature will always find a way to survive and continue growing and even if it seems that the only place for leftover fruit and vegetables is the rubbish bin, think again, because they can be replanted and given a second life and that is a lesson in hope and renewal for all of us.

Edeen hopes that people will realise that growing a mini garden is very simple and anyone can do it no matter how clumsy they are.

“We want to thank all of the people who are taking up the 14 day challenge and hope they will send us photos of their projects. We want to send out a positive message that we can always grow and become stronger, just like our mini-garden,” said Sandra.

Cristina, Urban Gardener