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Working from home

Frank Confidential

Have we all 'Let ourselves go' since Covid struck?

According to research women around the world are wearing make-up, on average, 28% less than in 2019. It seems that this is called “opting for a more natural look.”

Frank Leavers27/04/2022 13:47

Hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees


Mountain rescues hit new peaks as pandemic spurs Spanish hiking boom

"After being locked up, people wanted to find broader horizons and reclaim that sense of freedom."

Reuters23/03/2021 14:27

healthy food for the lockdown

Healthy food for the lockdown

healthy food for the lockdown.

R.D. 18/01/2021

healthy food for the lockdown


The Longest day

"I really feel for those young people who are expected to behave in a restricted way that no other generation has had to endure since the middle of last century."

Frank Leavers18/01/2021 15:03

Enjoy the company of animals

Enjoy the company of animals

Enjoy the company of animals.

Vicki McLeod 18/01/2021

Echevarria, founder of the building company specialised in all-wood, low-emission homes 100x100 Madera, checks the air quality in his house, in Guadalix de la Sierra

Coronavirus news

Spaniards scramble for new homes with more space

Business booming for builders and architects since coronavirus crisis.

Clara-Laeila Laudette, Silvio Castellanos and Juan Antonio Dominguez02/12/2020 12:16

The girls at Cocos Deli in Portals village are ready to rock!

Majorca Mallorca

Back at it

Were allowed to push open their doors a little wider and invite some people in...

Vicki McLeod12/05/2020 04:01

A Spanish flag with a black ribbon hangs from a balcony during lockdown

State of Alarm

From hairdressers to beaches - Spain's plan to phase out lockdown

Key points of the phasing out of lockdown plan, which will vary from province to province.

Reuters29/04/2020 10:43

Having a plan is important

Majorca Mallorca

Let’s get this show on the road

Building a social media following is not an immediate fix, but whatever you have right now, you can improve on it.

Vicki McLeod29/04/2020 10:33

TV viewing has increased as everyone has to stay at home


"Broadsword calling Danny Boy" and other lockdown television pleasures

As for myself, I have to say that the most exciting thing that happens to me during lockdown, is to be able to sit in a different room, in a completely different chair at differing times of the day watching stuff that I want to watch.

Frank Leavers29/04/2020 09:58

A combination photo in Magalluf


EU governments risk clash with EU exec in bid to save tourism season

Customers must have the right to choose between a cash refund or accepting a voucher for a future package holiday.

Reuters28/04/2020 14:32