Not so long ago tractors were used for protests; now they are part of the sanitation operation. | Jaume Morey


Farmers in the Pla de Sant Jordi district of Palma are coordinating a campaign of disinfection with the Emaya municipal services agency. Tractors are being used for disinfecting streets, roads, pavements and entrances to buildings in Sant Jordi, S'Aranjassa and Sa Casa Blanca.

One of those behind this initiative, Xisco Jaume, says that Emaya has a plan for disinfecting the whole of the city. However, the agency's procedures are such that it is focusing on areas that have the most movement of people. "We don't exactly know when they'll reach us. It could be up to three months."

The farmers contacted Emaya and asked for the bleach that is necessary for disinfection as well as for someone to advise and direct the operation. The work is being carried out every 72 hours, which is the time that it is estimated that the virus can survive on surfaces. The first disinfection was on Tuesday; the next will be on Friday.

Twelve tractors have been made available, and a group of volunteers of up to forty people will be involved.

Farmers elsewhere in Majorca have been assisting with disinfection by volunteering the use of tractors which can carry tanks and pumps for spraying disinfectant.