President Armengol during a videoconference on Thursday. | Govern Illes Balears


On Thursday, President Armengol said that the government is developing a "reboot plan" to return the Balearic economy to normality "in the fastest way possible". Different scenarios are being studied "from a scientific point of view".

The situation is being approached, Armengol explained, with the assistance of experts. There are to be specific working parties which will study various possibilities for the "de-confinement" of the Balearics. In this regard, the government will be assessing whether air and sea traffic should be resumed straightaway or if it will be preferable to initially pursue progressive internal de-confinement.

It was, she added, too soon to make decisions on all this, but the regional government has already started to indicate to Madrid what it believes will be the most beneficial solution for the region. In this respect, she noted that the transport minister, José Luis Ábalos, had been "very sensitive" to the request to close ports and airports in the Balearics.

Measures for social protection, e.g. financial aid for individuals and businesses, will have to last in the Balearics beyond the period of the state of alarm, the president insisted. This is a region which is more linked to the tourism sector than any other. "In the Balearics we can't press a button so that industry starts up immediately." The economic situation in the Balearics "will be much more complicated than in other regions" because of the dependence on tourism.