Spanish Animation Exhibition postponed because of Covid-19 | Ultima Hora


The ABC Museum in Madrid has delayed the opening of the Animació exhibition until September.

The collection includes mythical series from popular culture such as David, the Gnome (1985), D'Artagnan (1982) and Willy Fog (1983), which were all created by Majorcan Claudio Biern Boyd who’s better known as the 'Spanish Walt Disney’ and founder of the BRB Internacional studio.

The first series of cartoons devised by the Majorcan Producer, Screenwriter and Audiovisual Director was Ruy, the little Cid, which was released in 1980.

Willy Fog

Later, he brought, D'Artacan and the three musketeers, Around the World by Willy Fog, David the Gnome, The CobiTroupe, Mortadelo and Filemón, Mozart's band, The Untouchables of Elliot Mouse, Fantaghirò, Zipi and Zape, The Invisible Man, Iron Kid, Angus & Cheryl and Bernard and Papawa.

Claudio Biern Boyd also had great success in television, with children's programmes such as El Bosque de Tallac, Banner y Flappy and Mazinger Z.

It’s the first exhibition to capture the History of Animation in Spain and also includes a screening of the Oscar nominated animation film Klaus, which Majorcan Animation Assistant, Christian Maymó worked on.

The Animació exhibition reviews the last 100 years of cartoons in Spain as well as films, previously unpublished sketches, original drawings and stills, acetates, storyboards and models, and many, many other historical and artistic pieces.