Shipping companies struggling during State of Emergency. | Ultima Hora


Shipping companies, Baleària and Armas-Trasmediterránea have reduced their fleet due to the coronavirus crisis, which affects all freight transport from the Peninsula to the Balearic Islands, but the companies have guaranteed the supply of all kinds of products to the Islands.

Baleària has been forced to submit an Employment Regulation File, or ERTE, for 30% of its workforce, which affects 544 people, and has also docked 20 boats.

The other twelve Baleària vessels which are still in service are operating with reduced crews and the company said on Friday that the State of Emergency has made things more complicated.

"There is no car or construction material transport and despite the fact that the demand for essential products is not the same as it was 20 days ago, we will keep supplying essential items to the Balearics,” said a Baleària spokesperson.

Trasmediterránea is reportedly feeling the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis and is trying to find a way to ensure the viability of the company.

The Armas family are the main shareholders of Trasmediterránea and will seek the support of shareholders at the General Meeting on May 4 in a bid to approve a capital increase to allow the shipping company to continue operating.


Large stores and supermarkets are extremely worried about the economic effect the coronavirus restrictions are having on shipping companies and insist that there is no need to reduce maritime transport between the Peninsula with the Balearics.