Catamaran crew sanction for docking without permission. archive photo | Ultima Hora


The crew of a Greek catamaran that was docked in Porto Petro without authorisation has been sanctioned by the Guardia Civil.

The catamaran had no visible license plates when it moored at the yacht club on Thursday morning and two administrative acts of disobedience were filed against the two man crew on the boat.

The State Security Forces and Corps and Local Police upped their game on Friday with controls on public roads across the Balearic Islands to make sure people had a valid reason for being outside. Nearly 700 administrative acts were issued for disobedience and violating the State of Emergency restrictions.

The National Police, Guardia Civil and Local Police detected 670 offences and 325 of them were in Palma, mostly for people who were out walking in the streets with no valid reason. Patrols are being stepped up again from today.

The Guardia Civil also set up controls on motorways and main roads on Thursday and they identified around 6,500 people and 6,000 vehicles at more than 400 surveillance points. The controls will continue throughout the weekend to prevent people from travelling to second homes in Majorca.

Seven men were detained by Police between Thursday and Friday, four in Mallorca, two in Ibiza and one in Minorca for disobeying the authorities and breaching the State of Emergency.