Councillor Antoni Noguera. | Javier Jiménez


Antoni Noguera, Palma's culture and social welfare councillor, says that once the state of alarm is lifted there will be a series of measures for business sectors affected by the crisis.

Noguera was responding to calls from tourism, restaurant and retail for urgent aid in the form of, for example, the immediate suspension of the payment of taxes. "We are aware of the needs of the city and that aid will be required. Each area (of the town hall) is working on providing this for sectors such as retail, tourism, restaurants, housing, culture, social welfare, etc."

Businesses have drawn attention to the fact that the town hall has established grants totalling 408,000 euros for residents federations and associations. These grants are to be paid over the next few days, and yet there have been no provisions for business.

Noguera insists that it is "not appropriate" to start comparing figures. "Everything can become very demagogic if we start to compare. A significant amount of money is being allocated to financial aid for social cohesion and the well-being of families. The town hall has a clear premise; it is together with the citizens."