Dr. Javier Arranz, chief medical spokesperson in the Balearics. | Jaume Morey


Dr. Javier Arranz has again expressed his optimism regarding coronavirus in the Balearics.

Although Sunday's figures revealed small increases in the numbers of cases and fatalities, he said at the Sunday press conference that "we are continuing on the downward path; it is good news". Stressing that any decisions are for the national government to make, he raised the possibility of a relaxation of restrictions in the Balearics and also in the Canaries.

"The island regions are in a better position to act as a laboratory. It would be a good option to start lowering the measures, as the rest of the country could see how this works and what the results are." He recognised that any relaxation in the island regions would have to take account of how this would look to the rest of the country, "but society has to understand if it is feasible (to start relaxing measures)".

"It's not up to us," he emphasised, adding that he was simply offering his expert and professional opinion.