Damage in Calas de Mallorca. | Maria Nadal

Work to repair the promenade in Calas de Mallorca should have started at the end of March. Because of the Spanish government's suspension of non-essential activities, the work was delayed. It is now due to begin this week and is expected to take three months.

The damage, which was caused by Storm Gloria in January, left the promenade totally impassable. Repairing it, says Manacor town hall's councillor for urban planning, Núria Hinojosa, is "no ordinary job". Workers will have to hang from harnesses to carry out work that will consist of rebuilding stone walls and wooden railings and repairing drainage. The cost is 395,000 euros. The town hall will be meeting this cost, the Spanish government having said that it wouldn't take charge of the repair work.

The town hall is also spending 290,000 euros on repairing the Ses Coves Blanques promenade in Porto Cristo. The support wall and pavement need rebuilding and the street lights need replacing.