Palma streets empty during coronavirus State of Emergency. | Wendy Wighton Urquhart


From the first day of the coronavirus lockdown the streets of Majorca were empty, businesses were closed, there were almost no cars, no people and no noise, except for the birds singing in the trees.

All over the globe people have been uploading amazing photographs of the world without pollution onto social media sites and one of the first was a shot of crystal clear water in the Venice canals that are usually dark and dingy and full of boats of tourists.

Now some new neighbours have moved into Majorcan waters, beaches, mountains and streets.

Dolphins have become regular visitors along the island's coast, a few days ago a group of ducks strolled calmly along the Paseo Mallorca in Palma and the water in the port has returned to its original blue colour.

Rafel Ginard uploaded a picture of an idyllic Cala Mesquida with just a group of goats wandering through the sand.

"I find it spectacular and also helps me to imagine what Majorca must have been like a hundred years ago," he tweeted.