German investors furious over Balearic coronavirus restrictions. archive photo. | Michel


Hundreds of Germans who have second homes in Majorca have written to President Francina Armengol demanding to be allowed to return to the island.

Real Estate Agents, owners of villas, estates and apartments in Majorca have also criticised the harsh coronavirus measures introduced by the Spanish Government to eradicate the disease, claiming that not being allowed to return to Majorca “even after the State of Emergency is lifted is a violation of property law,” and that, ”irreparable damage is being done to the Balearic Islands, at the same time that it generates legal insecurity for potential investors."

One investor said it was ridiculous to be so strict about Covid-19.

“I thought I could find a safe environment for long-term investments in Majorca, however, as a result of the State of Emergency, I have had considerable doubts about the rule of law in Spain and its autonomous regions,” they said. "Significant cuts have been made in the freedom of citizens and that measure is completely exaggerated because in Germany the same results have been achieved in the fight against the pandemic without taking such drastic measures against the population.”

All the signatories of the letters insist that they are property owners, not just visitors to the island.

We are not tourists, we are taxpayers who pay municipal taxes and who contribute to the Island’s economy."

They also emphasised that tourists can undoubtedly be dispensed with for a year "because they will return, but investors will not.”


President Francina Armengol will respond to all letters that come to her, thank them for their appreciation of the Balearic Islands, specifically Majorca, and place special emphasis on highlighting the close relations that exist with Germany.

She will also explain the reasons for the health measures that have been adopted and that the State of Emergency is declared by the State.

On Monday the Government point out that residents of the Balearic Islands are absolutely prohibited from travelling to second homes in Majorca or the rest of the islands, "so the measure is for everyone and you cannot distinguish between nationalities."

To avoid problems the aim is to establish a Health Passport for use throughout the European Union.

"If the Central Government does not want to reinforce health checks at airports, the Balearic Government will assume the costs that may arise because the most important thing is the health security of the citizens of the Balearic Islands,” said a Government spokesperson.