Jordi Cerdó, President of the Federation of Vacation Homes. | Ultima Hora


The owners of regulated tourist homes have complained to the Government that foreigners who have rented homes in the Balearic Islands will not be allowed to travel to the islands for their holidays this summer.

Hundreds of Germans who own properties on the islands have already asked to be able to travel to the Balearics and holiday home owners say the rules should be the same for renters.

“Armengol cannot allow Germans who own homes to come to the Balearic Islands and then refuse those who have rented properties for the summer, because the health situation is the same for both, said Jordi Cerdó, President of the Federación de Estancias Turisticas Vacacionales, or FETV.

Cerdó pointed out that reservations had been made in advance for vacation homes from June onwards.

“Those booked for April and May were cancelled at the last minute, but many clients are waiting and hoping that they will still be allowed to come."

Ecotax Exemption

The FETV is also demanding Tourist Tax exemption for 2020 and 2021. Around 85% of the owners of those residences are eligible to pay a fixed amount per year for Ecotax instead of per tourist.

“We understand that we have to pay for 2019 because we have already raised the money, but this year and next we will not be able to do that,” said Cerdó.