Kids can go out to play from this Sunday. | Teresa Ayuga


The Government has announced that children up to 14 years old will be able to go out once a day from this Sunday, for one hour, between 9:00 and 21:00.

They will be allowed to play in the street with balls, scooters and other toys that do not involve other children.

The Executive has apologised to minors for the mistakes of the last few days and confirmed that they can travel up to one kilometre from their home but must be accompanied by a responsible adult who lives with them, at all times.

The Vice President, Pablo Iglesias, has explained that a maximum of 3 children will also be able to go out with an older brother or sister and that social distancing must be respected in relation to other families and children.

Iglesias apologises to the children

Before announcing the details of the de-escalation of coronavirus restrictions for children from April 26, Pablo Iglesias thanked children for the efforts they’ve made during the weeks of confinement and apologised to them.

"I know that listening to a Government announcement from La Moncloa with your parents can be boring, but we are talking about you and I want to apologise because in the last few hours we have not been as clear as we should have been about the conditions for you going out from Sunday,” he said.

He continued, ”I know that confinement is not easy for you; not going to school; not seeing friends and family and having to play alone at home, without being allowed to go outside and I want to thank you. When difficult decisions are made, mistakes can be made and that is why we are apologising to you", he concluded.

Going outside with children

The Government insists that social distancing is mandatory and that the use of a hygienic mask by children is recommended if adequate social distancing cannot be fulfilled.

The Vice President has stated that visits to parks and participation in common children's games are still prohibited, but kids can run, jump and exercise.

In rural areas, children will be able to go out in the countryside and the forests, but again they must respect social distancing.

Any children who have a fever, possible symptoms of COVID-19 or are in quarantine must not leave the house.

The Ministerial Order for the de-escalation of coronavirus restrictions for children will be published in the BOE on Saturday and will come into force on Sunday; an accessible guide will be published to resolve any doubts.

Government rectification

The Vice President, Pablo Iglesias has acknowledged that there was confusion over the de-escalation of coronavirus restrictions for children in the beginning and insists that the Government's rectification was not caused by a reaction from Podemos, but by criticism from society as a whole.

"We didn't explain ourselves well in the beginning, but that same afternoon we got to work with the Minister of Health and different technical teams, then we explained how it should be done," he said.