Patient at the temporary Ifema field hospital, Madrid | EFE/Mariscal


The Ministry of Health has confirmed 367 coronavirus deaths in Spain in the last 24 hours, the lowest death toll for a month, which takes the total to 22,524.

There were 6,740 new infections which is significantly higher than recent days and makes 219,764 altogether.

3,105 more patients have been discharged from hospital and no longer have any symptoms of the disease and 92,355 have fully recovered since the pandemic began.

202,990 people were confirmed via PCR and 16,774 by an antibody test. Another 940 Healthcare Professionals have also tested positive, making a total of 35,295.

Madrid still has the highest number of Covid-19 infections with 58,191 and 7,765 fatalities and Catalonia is second with 45,544 and 4,393 deaths.

The number of coronavirus infections in other communities are as follows.

Andalusia has 11,536; Aragon has 4,867; Asturias has 2,234; The Balearic Islands has 1,821; The Canary Islands has 2,140; Cantabria has 2,084; Castilla-La Mancha has 15,365; Castilla y León has 15,692; Ceuta has 100; and the Valencian Community, has 9,939.

Extremadura has 2,718 infections; Galicia has 8,932; Melilla has 107; Murcia has 1,468; Navarre has 4,581; The Basque Country has 11,881 and La Rioja has 3,790.

Andalusia has 1,107 fatalities; Aragon has 695; Asturias has 231; The Balearic Islands has 172; The Canary Islands has 128; Cantabria has 178; Castilla-La Mancha has 2,255; Castilla y León has 1,612; Ceuta 4 and the Valencian Community has 1,147.

In Extremadura there were 411 deaths; Galicia has 382; Melilla has 2; Murcia has 125; Navarra has 417; The Basque Country has 1,193; and La Rioja has 307 dead.

On Thursday there were 440 deaths and 4,635 new coronavirus infections in Spain and the Health Minister, Salvador Illa said “the contagion figure remains at 2%, compared to 25% a month ago and we are achieving this week's slowdown targets.”

He also insisted that Spain is still in the “confinement” phase despite the fact that there is a slowdown in new coronavirus infections.