The Government is considering de-escalation measures. | Ultima Hora


The Balearic Government is working with ten sectoral groups to find a way to de-escalate the restrictions in the Balearic Islands.

Some deal with how to apply decontamination in specific sectors of society, others deal with logistical and cross-cutting issues and they are all co-ordinated by a Technical Committee led by researcher, Margalida Frontera.

The sectoral subgroups are Education, Health, Residences, Tourism, Economic Activities, Ports & Airports, Computer Applications, Pandemic Control and Materials & Mass Tests.

The ten groups are made up of Government Director Generals, Officials and Experts from the different sectors and more people may be added.

Unlike the Canary Islands and other communities which have been open about their de-escalation plans, specific details are hard to come by in the Balearic Islands.

Government Spokesperson, Pilar Costa, has avoided giving detailed answers to the media, claiming concrete details could create expectations that may disappointed in the long run, depending on what the Spanish Government decides and she called for “prudence” and “rigor.”

Round of Meetings

Costa did however reveal that the President of the Government, Francina Armengol, has asked opposition parties to suggest economic revival pacts.

She also said that the Government has met with the main Economic, Social and other Institutional representatives on a regular basis since the State of Emergency was declared and now wants the opposition to design reactivation measures.

Armengol reportedly plans to meet with the PI, Vox, the Ciudadanos, the PP, Podemos, Més and the PSIB although Government sources claim that these meetings will not substitute the role of Parliament, which will continue as normal.

The Consell de Mallorca is also designing a reactivation plan and President, Catalina Cladera, has already held meetings with the PP and Ciudadanos and will meet with the PI and Vox on Monday in order to add them to the island agreement.

The Leader of the PP, Llorenç Galmés, has said that the Government can count on them "as long as it is not a marketing strategy.”

25 Million Euros For Liquidity

On Friday, the Governing Council approved the extension of an extraordinary line of credit worth 25 million euros for the ISBA Mutual Guarantee Company, to provide liquidity for companies and those who are self-employed.

This credit line was approved so that small and medium sized businesses, or SMEs will have money in the short term to help cope with the effects of the State of Emergency, without interest or commission costs.

ISBA has already sanctioned 380 transactions and another 1,128 requests from companies are pending.