Palma City Council allows kids to go to the beach and the park.

Palma City Council allows kids to go to the beach and the park.

12-04-2020miquel a. cañellas

The coronavirus lockdown restrictions for children have been relaxed even further in Palma.

Parents can take their children to the beach, parks and open green areas from tomorrow as long as social distancing is maintained, according to Palma City Council.

"From Sunday in Palma you can walk along the beaches and also through the parks and green areas such as Carnatge and Parc de la Mar as long as there is a radius of one kilometre and the social distancing is maintained," said Palma City Council, adding, "you will not be able to swim or eat, just walk as per the Ministry of Health guidance.”

Parc de Bellver, Parc de les Estacions and Parc de Sa Riera will remain closed.


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Tony / Hace about 1 year

So you can walk the dog and you can walk the kids but... (and I note the comments re' UN rights of the child) - 15+ can't walk or be walked - solo walkers can't walk - family members can't walk I'm trying to find the logic or intelligence in this, all I come up with is 'residual fascist mentality' at work thinking what can be Police'd. If it's safe for kids then it's safe for others and everyone mental/physical health needs consideration. Go figure!!


Paulo / Hace about 1 year

Is this not discrimination against the rest of the children and families living on the island? The same rules should apply fairly throughout Majorca, in particular the possibility of walking on the beaches.


JC / Hace about 1 year

I have neither children nor a dog ... so cannot go for a walk?