Terraferida's map of Airbnb holiday rentals in the Balearics.


Environmentalists Terraferida have criticised the increase in the number of holiday rentals in the Balearics that are on Airbnb.

According to their figures for this April, there were 23,140 properties and 146,654 places. Respectively, these figures represented increases of 4.7% and 3.8% compared with April 2019.

Terraferida say that 35.5% of this supply was not licensed. This percentage had fallen from 38% in April last year. The organisation is insisting that action is taken against "irregular" supply, that no new licences are granted and that there is a genuine ceiling for the number of holiday rentals places.

In Minorca, Terraferida point to an eight per cent rise since last year. Of the 146,654 places for the whole of the Balearics, 16,548 were in Minorca. Over the past twelve months, Ciutadella ranked fourth in terms of the greatest increases in places on offer. The number rose by 608. Palma had the greatest increase, followed by Arta and Formentera.


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Yogi / Hace about 1 year

I’d like to see unlicensed properties removed too. I went to the trouble and expense of being legal, but what was the point? On the bigger picture. Holiday rentals will become more in demand as many guests will view them as being far safer than hotels. Only licensed properties should be allowed to promote any enhanced credentials. Airbnb and HomeAway really need to expel non-licensed properties, and the council slap fines on them. Surely the ETV registered properties can be easily cross referenced with those advertising? It’s not rocket science. After all they won’t be declaring any monies for tax so the govt are doubly missing out!


Gabriel / Hace about 1 year

The fines are obviously not working. Engage a task force IR increase the force and Put an embargo on these properties if they do not comply. Take it seriously and it will soon stop