Balearic press demand tax breaks. | Joan Torres


The Association of Journalists of the Balearic Islands, or APIB, released a statement on Sunday, which was also World Press Freedom Day, demanding that VAT be abolished for newspapers and their online editions to help them cope with the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

“Journalism is essential to guarantee the fundamental right of citizens to receive truthful information,” the statement said.

The APIB also highlighted the work that Media Professionals are doing during the pandemic to counter the proliferation of false news and reminded the Government that "official information cannot be imposed as the only valid news for society and that the media must continue to contrast any data regardless of the source and curb any particular or partisan interest."

The APIB said it regrets the ERTEs at Communication Companies in the Balearic Islands and appealed for a reduction in taxes and other measures to help the media survive the pandemic.