Membership of CAEB & PIMEM increasing.


The business organisations, PIMEM and CAEB say they have seen an increase in business affiliations as a result of the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

PIMEM has registered around 40 new company registrations since mid-March, mainly in the Hairdressing, Restaurant and Nursery Sectors.

"The reason for their membership has mainly been concern about the future of their businesses and the need for information," said PIMEM President, Jordi Mora.

The Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Mallorca has more than 2,000 associated SMEs and offers advice on legal, employment and accounting issues. From the start of the State of Emergency, partners have been kept informed about all of the different regulations approved by the Government.

The Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales de Baleares, or CAEB, says requests for membership have been received from five business organisations and 7 individual partners.

"Companies understand that the best way to defend their interests is business membership," said President, Carmen Planas who said that 99% of the companies in CAEB are small and medium sized and that it also represents the CEOE and CEPYME in the Balearic Islands.

"The negative effect of the current crisis on the Balearic economy has significantly aroused interest in joining CAEB," said Planas, who pointed out that the collaborating entities offer a number of advantages members.

Social dialogue

CAEB and PIMEM and the CCOO and UGT, take part in social dialogue in the Balearics, participate in Government negotiations and have held multiple meetings about the Covid-19 crisis with the Regional Government.

An increasing number of companies are turning to CAEB and PIMEM for information and advice about the new coronavirus regulations as they try to deal with unprecedented circumstances that could affect the future of their businesses.