Shops not allowed to have sales or offer in-store discounts.

Shops not allowed to have sales or offer in-store discounts.


Another blow for traders as the Government bans shops from offering discounts and sales, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Afedeco says the Government has ruled that shops can only offer online discounts.

"We strongly oppose this measure because it is a new blow to local trade," said Afedeco President, Antoni Gayà. "Many companies were already badly hit before confinement began and those who are just beginning to open hoped they could discount all the stock bought for the spring in order to make money and survive this crisis."

He added, “Our Sector is being persecuted again because this new measure will badly affect small, local businesses. All of the big brands have websites and they will be the only ones to benefit from online sales. We are facing the demise of the city's lifelong trade that feeds thousands of families in our community,” said Gayà.


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Harry / Hace about 1 year

who comes up with something like that, with offers you can sell more. very contrary to the trading spirit


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

It is becoming a trend, this government trying its utmost to kill off businesses. Like they do it on purpose. But maybe it is a bigger socialist/communist plan we don´t know of yet, that when this is all over, we can work in collective farms and state owned factories and sing to our leaders before starting work and every city will have a bronze statue of Pedro.