Medics check PPE supplies.


The Ministry of Health confirmed 5 more coronavirus deaths in the Balearic Islands on Wednesday taking the total to 215.

There were also 4 new infections in the last 24 hours, making 1,957 altogether.

1,132 people have been hospitalised since the pandemic began and two more patients have just been admitted to the ICU.

Another 42 people were discharged from hospital, which means 1,465 people have now beaten the disease in the Balearic Islands.

On Tuesday there was 1 fatality and no new coronavirus infections, but experts have said time and again the the figures are likely to go up and down as the disease is conquered, but will maintain an overall downward trend.

The number of people who have overcome coronavirus in the Balearic Islands is nearly five times higher than the number of active cases.

In the last 14 days, the rate of infections has increased to 6.79 coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants, putting the Balearic Islands in 6th place after Murcia, with 3.01, followed by the Canary Islands with 3.2, Andalusia with 5.13, Melilla with 5.78 and Asturias with 6.55.