Son Parc in Minorca.


The Minorca branch of environmentalists GOB has called Balearic government measures to deal with the crisis a "development amnesty".

GOB are critical of contents of the decree announced on Wednesday that will, for example, permit an increase in hotel area of up to 15% (this does not mean increasing the number of places or adding more floors). The environmentalists believe that the decree points in "the opposite direction to that which has been expected". "It is a development amnesty for frontline hotels that have become obsolete."

The regional government, say GOB, has succumbed to the interests of "economic pressure groups" in allowing large hotels that were built in the 1960s and 1970s to "be expanded" without being forced to reduce energy and water consumption and being exempt from urban development parameters that apply to other citizens.

The government is being accused of removing control of "massification" and of giving up on converting tourism into a quality and seasonally adjusted product.

GOB also take issue with what they say will be a removal of protection for rustic land and with the decision to delay the introduction of legislation regarding the use of plastic.